Obama’s Visit To Myanmar: Too Much, Too Soon? By Michele Kelemen.

Cliqueen en NPR.

E incluso cuando a los opositores les parece una visita anticipada porque todavía hay 300 presos políticos en las cárceles, miren lo que le interesa a este presidente y cuál es la verdadera razón de su visita:

“”We’ve seen in the last few months a virus of ethnic and religious hatred spread through Burma, directed at Muslims in general and the Rohingya people living in the Arakan [Rakhine] state in particular,” Malinowski says.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Obama will discuss that conflict, and will call for calm and meaningful dialogue to resolve the issue of stateless Muslims in Myanmar.

The future of the country is not certain, she says, and Obama will have much to talk about while he’s there.”


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