La prensa brasileña sobre la visita de Dilma Rousseff.

Para dissidentes, nada muda com visita de Dilma a Cuba

Dissidentes cubanos dão versão «não oficial» sobre morte de ativista.

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  1. Y segun los trasnochados de la Capoeira que cosa tendria que cambiar con la visita de una ex terrorista de izquierda? y cual otra version tendrian que dar sobre la muerte de Wilmar los brazileros no saben que en Cuba la verdadera prensa libre se llama radio bemba? y esa si funciona, me parece que unos cuantos tienen que hacer up day ponerse al dia

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  2. The two nations had record economic exchanges in 2011 of $642 million, making Brazil the second largest Latin American trading partner for Cuba, after Venezuela.

    This included $550 million in Brazilian exports to the island, making an unbalanced trade situation which both sides want to change.

    The Brazilian president was due to meet President Raul Castro at the Palace of the Revolution on Tuesday.

    A Brazilian official said the issue of human rights may be on the agenda of Rousseff’s talks, including the case of Cuban opposition blogger Yoani Sanchez who has been granted a visa by Brasilia.

    But Sanchez, who hopes to attend the premiere of a documentary by Brazilian director Dado Galvao on February 10, must obtain permission to leave the communist-ruled island, which has been denied.

    Sanchez, known worldwide for her award-winning blog «Generation Y,» won the 2008 Ortega y Gasset prize for online journalism from Madrid daily El Pais.

    Rousseff has no plan to meet with dissidents, according to her entourage.

    Although not on the official program, a meeting with former president Fidel Castro, 85, was seen as likely, in view of the Cuban revolutionary leader’s close relations with Lula and the shared history of Rousseff and Fidel Castro as guerrillas. She is Brazil’s first female president.

    Rousseff was also set to visit Mariel, where Brazil is financing expansion of the port located 50 kilometers (30 miles) west of Havana.

    She was to leave Cuba Wednesday for Haiti, where Brazil leads a mission of UN peacekeepers.

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